What is Otovent ?

Otovent is an Autoinflation device which uses a specially pressurised balloon to open the eustachian tubes. For glue ear sufferers this allows the sticky fluid associated with the condition to safely drain away. The Otovent device can also be used to treat ear discomfort during flight and by Scuba Divers as a visual aid to equalising.

Glue Ear in Children

Affecting 8 out of 10 children at least once before their tenth birthday, Glue Ear or Otitis Media with Effusion dulls hearing meaning children’s school work and social life can suffer.  The Otovent device is the only clinically proven drug-free and non-surgical treatment for glue ear.

Glue Ear in Adults

Approximately ⅓ of all people who suffer from Glue Ear are sixteen-years-old or above. Otovent is also suitable as a Glue Ear treatment for adults and those who suffer Eustachian tube dysfunction.

For Air Travel

Barotitis is a painful condition caused by a negative pressure buildup behind the eardrum. Approximately 10% of adults and 20% of children develop it whilst flying. Using the Otovent device throughout and after your flight can equalise your ear pressure treating the cause of Barotitis.

For Scuba Diving

Equalisation is an essential technique for any Scuba Diver. The stark reality is that if you can’t equalise you can’t dive. Otovent can be used as a visual aid to learning the valsalva manouvre, the most popular equalisation technique.

'Otovent worked wonders with our 6-year-old's ear discomfort! Getting that instant relief has meant the world to us.'

Jenny Senelius

'We are confident in our results and Otovent looks like a very good method for improving symptoms and quality of life while reducing harmful treatments. It should be more widely used now.'

Dr Ian Williamson

'By using an auto-inflation device, parents have a relatively non-invasive and low-cost option for helping to treat their child’s glue ear before thinking about surgery, potentially avoiding antibiotics. Such an easy-to-use and effective treatment has been long overdue!'

Dr Ranj Singh

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