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Why do my ears ache when I fly?

Ear pain in aeroplanes is caused by a build-up of negative pressure in the middle ear. During descent atmospheric pressure in the cabin rises causing a negative pressure build-up. As negative pressure increases behind the eardrum it is drawn inwards and if the pressure is not equalised it can lead to Barotitis, a very painful condition.

Approximately 10% of adults and 20% of children develop Barotitis during flight. In 2016 over 270 million passengers boarded or disembarked an aircraft in UK airports. Ear ache varies in severity but can make scuba diving impossible, driving a challenge and in some cases the symptoms can be so severe that the holiday is ruined. Source: Civil Aviation Authority

How Negative Pressure Builds Up


Normal pressure in the middle ear


As the plane takes off middle ear pressure is increased resulting in a negative pressure buildup


Negative pressure in the middle ear. The eardrum bulges inwards and hearing is almost normal


Negative pressure remains in the middle ear. The eardrum remains bulged in meaning hearing is impaired


Barotitis is a middle ear condition which causes pain or discomfort during flight. If you have noticed any of the following symptoms you could be suffering with Barotitis:

Ear Ache

Dulled Hearing

Balance Problems




What Is Otovent Fly?

Drug-free and non-surgical, Otovent is an autoinflation device. The balloons included in the kit are specially pressurised to open the eustachian tube when inflated via the nose. This process allows the negative pressure within the middle ear to equalise relieving the strain on the ear drum.

How To Use Otovent


Connect the balloon to the nose piece. Hold the round part of the nose piece firmly against the right nostril with the right hand. Press the left nostril closed with the left hand.


Inhale deeply, close the mouth and inflate the balloon until it is the size of a grapefruit by blowing through the nostril.


Repeat the procedure with the left nostril. You will know that the treatment works if you experience a pressure increase and/or a “click” in the ear.

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