Hand Luggage Checklist

If you’re anything like us, you’re so busy before your holiday that you end up leaving hand luggage packing to the last minute. We’re here to help you out with a shopping list of essential items.


If you’re travelling abroad, you’re not going to get very far without this! Make sure you check well in advance that your passport is valid. Some destinations require a set minimum for the amount of months before expiry, so its key to check this too. When packing make sure that you set everything aside in the same place so that you don’t end up misplacing a vital element like your passport.


Driver’s License

If you’re taking a domestic flight or travelling by Ferry within British waters, you may need this in place of a passport. It’s probably easiest to keep this in your wallet where it would normally be but always double check that your wallet contains everything you need. You will of course need you driver’s license if you plan on hiring a car during your holiday.


You don’t want to lose your house and car keys if your luggage goes walkabouts in the hold, so make sure you keep them with you in your hand luggage.

Boarding Card or Ticket

As with your passport, you’re not going to get very far without these. You should keep them somewhere in your hand luggage that you can easily get to whilst ensuring they’re safe and not likely to fall out. Some bags have inner zip compartments which are ideal for passports and boarding cards or tickets.

Health Insurance & Emergency Contacts

We don’t need to tell you that these are an absolute essential when travelling. Keeping them close at hand in your hand luggage means you can access them easily at all times, and there’s significantly less chance of you losing them.

Bank Cards & Cash

If you’re travelling abroad you’ll want to have currency for both home and away just in case. This can stay in your ordinary day to day wallet alongside your driving license.

Accommodation, Car Hire & Onward Travel Details

To save you trying to locate wifi or using your mobile data once you’ve reached your destination, its best practice to print off your onward travel details.

Medication & First Aid

Any medication you usually use and a first aid kit should always be kept close to you.


If you suffer from ear discomfort or pain when you fly, Otovent is a hand luggage essential. In flight ear pain is caused by a build-up of negative pressure in the middle ear. This is a result of atmospheric pressure in the cabin rising during descent and falling when the aircraft ascents. The eardrum is drawn inwards as negative pressure increases behind it. If this pressure is not equalised it can result in a very painful condition known as Barotitis. Approximately 10% of adults and 20% of children develop Barotitis during flight.

Treating Barotitis

Otovent Fly consists of a nose piece and three specially pressurised balloons which the flyer inflates via their nose. This act opens the eustachian tube allowing the negative middle ear pressure to be equalised. Otovent is a natural and non-surgical medical device supported by clinical evidence. It is available to buy from the Otovent website.

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