Otitis Media With Effusion Or (OME) In Small Children

Otitis Media With Effusion Or (OME) In Small Children

Glue ear or OME happens when the mucous start getting deposited in the middle ear. This happens due to inflammation in the area and because of poor function of the eustachian tube that has the connection from the middle ear right to the throat space. The tube functions to equalize the air pressure of the middle ear and also helps to drain fluid from the middle ear. So when it is clogged with a buildup of fluid behind the eardrum the hearing loss happens gradually. Minus proper care it might become acute, so it’s better to rectify it. This problem does occur in kids up to age of 15.

The condition happens due to reasons like- Food allergy, cold weather or exposure to cold largely, because of immature Eustachian tube, Due to bottle feeding, Frequent suffering of cold and Flu, excessive smoking environment,Down syndrome and also because of siblings facing the same condition.

The condition can be diagnosed with an otoscope which is a lighted instrument that allows the physician to see inside the ear. So these are the reasons why Otitis media with effusion or OME happens in children and it can be eradicated with the inflation of balloons via the nose which equalizes the air pressure in the middle ear and ultimately draining the watery fluid. The inflation of balloon is often loved by children as they are fond of balloons. It can be easily sorted out and the whole hearing procedure can be back to normal within two to three weeks time.

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